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Welcome to My Interdisciplinary Practice!

Greetings, Dear Clients!


Thank you for your interest in my richly diverse practice of

Massage & Bodywork... and... as a Life-Cycle Celebrant!

Since I first hung out my shingle in 1992, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve my community, in support of your Highest Well-Being! Please enjoy this website's introduction to the ever-evolving array of therapeutic healing arts that influence my practice. 

My charming studio in Northeast Ohio is a peaceful sanctuary fostering healing,  inspiration and inner peace and balance.

Please be sure to sign up to receive my monthly newsletters, full of richly eclectic offerings.   I welcome your suggestions, questions, and personal stories of healing and transformation via my Contact Page.

May you Walk in Beauty!

Terry Lilian Segal, Licensed Massage & Bodywork Professional and Life-Cycle Celebrant


What's in a Name?

"Terra-":  earth, firmament, grounding

       "- poise":  bearing oneself in balanced, integrated, & graceful

alignment between Heaven and Earth.

What sets me apart from many other practitioners is my unique blend of healing modalities that gently and effectively "unwind" old injuries and holding patterns, reharmonizing every aspect of your Being.    

As we nourish the body, quiet the mind, and calm the spirit, your nervous system is invited to release pain, stress and fatigue.

Your body remembers its natural balance, engendering

  • heightened vitality and functionality,
  • greater resilience and recovery from illness, surgery, injuries, emotional challenges,
  • a strengthened immune response,
  • comfort and ease of motion, and
  • a profound sense of well-being, deep peace and integration, right down to the core.

Leave feeling rosy-cheeked and joyful!


 The Dance of Balancing Life



First Steps in The Dance of Balance


I awaken on these verdant, sultry days of Summer Solstice, awed by the lush abundance all around me.  Songbirds sing in gay abandon in the canopy surrounding me, beginning as early as 3:23 a.m. -- they just can’t wait to fill the world with their sweetness.   And my immediate thought is a Prayer:  that All may know the kind of Beauty and Abundance I am blessed with in this Life and Time.   

Meet Terry:  

I wear TWO  HATS!!  

Bodyworker...and... Life-Cycle Celebrant!

It is a privilege to be entrusted with your care!

Years ago, as a professional whitewater rafting guide, I sustained a back injury while rowing a boat down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  My eventual recovery from that injury was profoundly transformative, facilitated by a synthesis of hands-on therapies.

 On Commitment


Until one is committed, there is hesitancy,
the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness,
concerning all acts of initiative and creation.

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